The Asian Range / Morning Breakout Trading Strategy
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> Profitable and Simple Forex trading system

> A Forex System Traded in just 10 minutes per day

> Defined entry, exit and stop loss levels for signals

> Complete GBP/USD breakout trading strategy rules provided

> Reliable MetaTrader (MT4) Breakout Indicator

MetaTrader breakout IndicatorTop rated morning breakout trading strategy

The London Forex Open morning breakout system is based upon the Asian market range principle. This is combined with the opening of the London financial markets. The strategy captures early breakouts in price at the start of the trading session. This makes for a simple, time effective and above all, profitable way to trade on Forex.

The strategy provides clear, 100% mechanical entry and exit levels. Each morning you simply check the indicator. If a trade is signaled you place your orders as per the levels given. You can then walk away.

This 'set and forget' trading eliminates any 'grey areas' that are associated with many systems. The strategy is simple enough for new traders to follow. It also helps to remove emotion from the trading process which can hold back the performance of even experienced traders.

As you only trade at set time when the financial markets first open, there is no need for constant screen watching. There is also no emotional involvement in the market for the rest of the day.

The set time, efficient trading of this system means that you can trade on Forex and make money in just 10 minutes per day!

The reason we have published our morning breakout Forex trading system is to provide a reliable and repeatable way to capitalize on early morning breakouts. In developing the strategy we have focused on proven principles. Our cue was taken from a number of recognized market approaches such as the 'Big Ben' and 'box breakout'.

As an experienced group of traders, our expertise and research has resulted in an intra-day methodology that is fundamentally sound and based on well established and respected market philosophy. We have also tested the system over a number of years and continue to report results for the GBP/USD pair on this site.


MetaTrader Indicator

Advanced and configurable MT4 indicator allow customization of your morning breakout strategy.


Three Forex Strategies

Trade with three different strategies - Conservative, Aggressive and Advanced.


Lifetime System Support

Free software updates and full support if you need us with all emails answered within 24 hours.

London Forex Open Breakout Strategy

Although primarily designed to trade the GBP/USD at 08:00 UK local time the built in flexibility of the breakout indicator software means that it can be used on virtually ANY currency pair at the London/ European open.

The MT4 indicator works particularly well on GBP and EUR currency crosses at this time of day (GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF,EUR/USD,EUR/CHF,EUR/GBP etc)

Advanced traders will like the fact that they are able to customize the parameters of the indicator. Take profit and stop loss levels can be adapted to suit your own trading strategies. This enables you to create your own strategic approach and even use the indicator at the opening of other market sessions!

Just 10 Minutes trading each morning.

Start trading the London Forex Open today!

A simple and profitable breakout strategy for Forex that you can trade in just 10 minutes per day...

Phillip Moore
  • What Really Profits
    "The idea behind it is sound and the money management for once is relatively sensible. The system has made excellent returns… we have a serious contender on our hands here."
  • Gareth Moore, UK
    "Your London Forex strategy has been the most profitable I have traded this month… and I trade a few!. You should make more of the fact that it also works superbly on the EURUSD!"