Here are just a few of the unsolicited reviews and testimonials we have received for our strategy:-

What Really Profits
The idea behind it is sound and the money management for once is relatively sensible. The system has made excellent returns… we have a serious contender on our hands here.

Oliver Boot, UK
Thanks for answering my questions. Having paper traded this for two weeks I am now looking forward to turning those paper ‘pips’ into real profit.

Mark Hodgison, UK
London Forex Open looks like probably the most plausible system I’ve seen for quite a while.

Jon McFarlane, Systems For Traders
London Forex Open has been on our ‘Systems We Use List” since our review in January 2010. We continue to post the consistently impressive results in our journal and online Trading Room

Dominic Narborro, Spain
…again many thanks for the help and support in setting up the system. I’ have now traded this for a month. I must say that I love making profits from a Forex system in just a few minutes a day

Gareth Moore, UK
Your London open breakout strategy for Forex has been the most profitable I have traded this month… and I trade a few!. You should make more of the fact that it also works superbly on the EURUSD!

Neil Pennant, UK
Thanks again for your help with the setup… I know it is ‘easy’ but I’ve never even looked at MetaTrader before so your help has been invaluable.

Dieter W, Germany
I have not found a system where the vendor is transparent and honest before…

Reg Sheridan, UK
The potential for this system is great. Since downloading I have already recouped the cost in just a few days. At last a simple Forex system for making pips that actually works!

David Connett
As a new trader I really appreciate the clear set up instructions and support you have provided to get me started. I think I’m onto a long term winner here. Thanks.

Matt Doeland
Hi, once again getting some lovely results from this indicator… It’s a really nice indicator, well done.

..and many more!