The Trading Hours Of Forex

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Forex Market Hours

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Forex Market Hours

Understanding the Trading Sessions of the Biggest Global Financial Market

The Forex Market is the largest financial market on the planet in terms of the value of transactions that take place with in excess of 4 trillion US dollars being exchanged each day.

The foreign exchange market (FOREX) lacks a single static exchange. Instead it is made up of a network of electronically interlinked banks and computerized exchanges. These are to help facilitate trading around the click. Transactions can be conducted anytime, 24 hours per day during the trading week.

Peak trading activity is however defined by the trading times of the regional financial markets. Each day is divided into four distinct trading sessions. These are linked with the opening hours of the major financial exchanges of each region.

Forex Market Sessions

  • London – 08:00-17:00
  • New York – 13:00-22:00
  • Pacific – 22:00-07:00
  • Asia – 0:00-09:00

Trading Session Characteristics

London Session

The London Forex trading session is generally regarded as one of the most important of the day. It is the busiest session as it also encompasses the opening of the European markets. It sees the largest volume of any session.

New York Session

The New York Session is the second busiest session in terms of volume and transactions. It opens midway through the London trading hours. it is is at this point when both volatility and tradition volume normally peak.

Pacific Session

The Pacific session has become increasingly important in recent years. The majority of trading during this time centers on the Australian Dollar and New Zealand dollar. It overlaps the Asian session.

Asian Session

The Asian session starts with the opening of the Tokyo financial markets and sees heavy focus on the Yen.


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